I believe in the democratizing power of interesting, intelligent and affordable art. Hopefully at least some of that applies to what I do.

Everything on this site is for sale in one way or another. The discs, coloring books, prints, and most colored drawings can be bought directly through this site via Paypal. Prices aren't listed next to many pieces, however, because I like to tailor the finished product to my patrons' needs- in other words, if you like an image, I can recreate it for you as a black-and-white drawing, a color drawing, a canvas painting or as a "living wage" cardboard painting. Thus, the price would vary according to your preferred media and according to the size of piece you'd prefer. I also do commission work, depending on your needs and my schedule. Please contact me via this site or at danoparrish@hotmail.com if you wanna place an order!